Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"...a fuzzy something appears..."

I've been doing some household stuff today--laundry, dishes, etc. Also have read a lot. Finished the new John Irving novel, In One Person. I'm not sure that it is finished with me though.


Tinkering with ideas for a new long piece and struggling with how to reconceptualize Appearances and get back to work on it.. There's something in this segment from the new piece which I keep worrying:

I am not
A grammarian.

Every time I think
I see you,
You are different.

Patterns sometimes
Unbecome me.

NB:This segment follows a segment on an explicit erotic dream.


Listening to Pat Metheny.

This passage from the new Zizek (Less than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism) resonates for me:

"This, perhaps, is how one can imagine the zero-level of creation: a red dividing line cuts through the thick darkness of the void, and on this line, a fuzzy something appears, the object-cause of desire--perhaps, for some, a woman's naked body (as on the cover of this book). Does this image not supply the minimal coordinates of the subject-object axis, the truly primordial axis of evil: the red line which cuts through the darkness is the subject, and the body its object?" (60)

Here's another quote from recent philosophy worth thinking about (from Graham Harman's The Quadruple Object):

"The word theory can serve as our term for the fission that splits a unified sensual object from the real qualities it needs in order to be what it is. We will have to decide later whether animals, plants, and airplanes are also capable of theory in some primitive sense." (104)


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