Thursday, May 31, 2012

Have been distracted by a number of family obligations lately. Life doesn't get simpler as one gets older.

Also a bit distracted by Ron Silliman's mention of me in his blogpost yesterday. But I'm letting the emotions stirred up go.


I don't get out enough. Haven't been to many live music events over the last several years. This weekend, though, Robert Cray is going to be in town and I'm going to be there. Can't wait. Among contemporary bluesmen, he's one of my faves.


I'm devoting a new notebook to a new poem which I'm hoping will shake me up. I'm trying to start over and really move around some intensities of thought and feeling. I'm in one of those periods of time where I feel very clearly the need to change my approach to as much as I can. It's not a matter of procedures, it's a matter of proceeding from necessity.

I'm so fucking tired of the hegemony of academic/workshop modes of writing/publishing, especially of a kind of institutional avant garde which is anything but inventive/paradigm shifting.



  1. Silliman's blog entry is really interesting. I first learned a little about you and your work through that anthology; it was comforting to know there were people in this part of the world engaged in interesting work--that it wasn't merely an east coast/west coast hipster scene. It was encouraging in a way.

    Take care,

  2. Tom, re yr last paragraph in above blog post. ignore the motherfuckers. it is easy enough and they do not notice and are not offended. at all.

    getting older. there is this. if someone says they will die satisfied they are fucking liers. period.

    rave fucking on.