Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Reader

Earlier today
a friend
asked me
to send
her my
naughty story
"Becoming Tammy."

I hesitated
because I'm
always afraid
of what
I feel

and in
this case
about  how
others might
react to
the story.

But I
did send
the thing.

I did.


I'm now in the process of typing up and revising the sequel to "Becoming Tammy."  I won't tell you the title.  You clearly don't much care.


I'm truly disappointed that no one took on any of my questions a few posts down.
So it goes.


Oh, well.



  1. tom, been busy with various health issues lately so didnt respond...ah retirement. in the 70's a friend sold a book to olympia press, porn press. i was insipired and wrote a draft 'novella'. wish i could find it...would send it to you. basically revolved around a softball game between convent nuns and local co-ed bar team (my buddy above played with Max's Kansas City Softball team). anyway...antics of all kinds took place in rec center locker room after game and took up most of book. i am sure it was terrible. but fun to write. i wonder who else has these things lying around.

    take care

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  3. Interesting. If you ever find that manuscript I'd like to see it.