Friday, September 21, 2012

Words are more erotic than pictures.  Suggestions and hints are more erotic than commands.  Though, of course, commands have their place in the erotoverse for sure.

Occasionally I write pornography for my own pleasure.  I don't publish it. I don't typically keep it very long, but enjoy the process of doing it.  I've occasionally shown the work to others, but not very often.

It's the sort of thing I do when I'm feeling discouraged about my other work.  It's taught me some things about narrative.

I've been doing some of this sort of work this week.  I'm almost done writing a piece.  It's 35 pages long so far. I'm closing in on the end.  I think it's beautiful but I'm not sure many people would agree.

There are a couple of passages I'm tempted to quote here, but I'm going to refrain.


I once wrote a sex book of a more innovative sort called EXPOSURES.  I had a publisher who'd agreed to take it on.  I wound up withdrawing the manuscript, chickening out.

So it goes.  I haven't always had sufficient courage to follow my desires.


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