Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yesterday I watched (for the second time, actually) Daisies, the great Czech film from 1966.  It's available from Netflix.  Watch it and let me know what you think.  It's short but enjoyable.

Pure product of the heady time in which it was made, Daisies has manic feminine energy and a quirky but quite charming choreography of movement and  color.  It is a gorgeously filmed movie.

I would characterize it as an existential/surrealist-leaning comedy.

Two sisters decide to "go bad" and head out on a giddy romp in which they attempt to assuage their physical and metaphysical hunger.  The famous scene where they absolutely  demolish a banquet hall is priceless.

Check it out.


I made a few adjustments to Appearances yesterday.  I'm still thinking though about the long erotic story I mentioned writing in previous posts and have embarked on a sequel to it.  It is, I should say, quite naughty.
Yes. Quite.  I have also, you see, physical and metaphysical hunger.


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