Monday, September 10, 2012

"...its unseen back-side..."

"...every perception of even an ordinary object involves a series of assumptions about its unseen back-side, as well as about its background; on the other hand, an object always appears within a certain horizon of hermeneutic 'prejudices' which provide an a priori frame within which we locate the object and which thus make it intelligible--to observe reality 'without prejudices' means to understand nothing."

--Zizek, Less Than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism

I'm very slowly wending my way through Less Than Nothing. Very slowly, but with great pleasure.  The bit quoted above is the passage I've been savoring this morning.  Savoring its acuity, as well as its erotic tinge.


We are
all inevitably

partial to
one another.

Yet the
parts we

are aren't
inevitably the

parts we
can read.


I'm struggling in this never ending political season with all the different spectrums of the truth at play in the world.  Certainties of any stripe tend to make me nervous.


I made a terrific Italian style soup in the crock pot yesterday.  It was composed of canellini beans, chard, fresh tomato, olive oil, onion,  garlic, chicken stock*, sage, salt and pepper. And homemade croutons.

The onion and garlic were cooked a bit in the olive oil before combining all the ingredients in the crock pot. I set the pot on high for an hour and then switched it to low for the next 5 hours.

 It was so good I ate the leftovers for breakfast.

*If you don't dig  chicken stock, vegetable broth or stock could be substituted.  Although that would probably make for a sweeter soup.


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