Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"People who believe that they are strong-willed and the masters of their destiny can only continue to believe this by becoming specialists in self-deception."

--James Baldwin, Giovanni's Room

Beliefs of any kind are problematic.  I, for one, believe in a well-tempered skepticism about any statement of belief.  I believe I am hungover and horny.


"Realism does not mean that we are able to state correct propositions about the real world.  Instead, it means that reality is too real to be translated without remainder into any sentence, perception, practical action, or anything else."

--Graham Harman, Weird Realism: Lovecraft and Philosophy

I believe that everyone's life is more or less fictional.  And that the  "more or less" is important. That being said, I am partial to you as you are partial to me.


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