Saturday, September 22, 2012

Observations & Questions

I'm having 2nd thoughts about having described the story I wrote about my in last post as "pornographic." It's certainly erotic.  And a number of very explicit gender bending sex acts occur in the piece.  But it also has heart, and at least one--I think--especially touching scene.

The story's called "Becoming Tammy."  I finished it this morning.  At least I believe I caught most of the typos and mistakes, for whatever that's worth.

Is it strange to write about something I produced for my own pleasure which very likely no one else will see?   Should this sort of activity--erotic writing for one's own delectation--be mentioned in a context like this?

I wonder about the role of sexual fantasy in the lives of writers, visual artists and thinkers I admire.  Derrida is on record as saying that what he would most like to ask his favorite famous dead philosophers about is their sex lives.  Of course he refused to respond to a question about his own.

It's something that most "serious" people don't speak/write about in public.  What would be gained or lost if they did?

What risks are or are not acceptable to take in one's art?

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