Sunday, September 30, 2012

Near Homophones

Every time I return to my "Tammy" manuscript I find more typos and mistakes.

Every time I return to my "Tammy" manuscript I become aroused.

Every time I return to my "Tammy" my thoughts about this project expand.

I've realized that I need to add one absolutely final section in order to pull the book together.

You see, in the last 2 parts of the manuscript, as it currently stands, there is a character with my name--Tom Beckett.

The character, Tom Beckett, is mostly referred to though as Tommy.

"Tommy" of course is a near homophone of Tammy, the title character.  This is significant.  Significant for Tammy and Tommy both.  Significant for me.

The final, epilogue chapter, is going to begin with Tom Beckett, author of The Tammy Trilogy, in conversation with John, a poetry friend.

John's quizzing Mr. Beckett about The Tammy Trilogy and about Mr. Beckett's sexuality.

I wrote a few pages of the epilogue yesterday and then stopped and did other things.  Some of which I wrote about in my post yesterday.

I've now figured out how to end the Epilogue and hope to do the rest of the writing today or tomorrow.

Writing The Tammy Trilogy, my pulpy little dirty novel about sexual metamorphosis has been a very interesting journey for me.

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