Friday, October 12, 2012

I was out of town for a couple of days at an Ohio Environmental Health Association conference.  Came  back home with a raging sinus infection.  I'm seriously out of it at the moment.  No, really, even more than usual.

I missed my guitar while I was away.

I went to the conference to get some continuing education credits that I need in order to maintain my professional license--and to visit with former colleagues.  I went, also, to sort of exorcise public health work from my brain.  I attended some terrific presentations--on emerging trends in parasitology, food science, epidemiology, environmental issues in correctional institutions, hoarding,  and a number of other things--and I had a lot of interesting conversations with folks from the EPA, the State and local health departments, etc. But unless something startling happens before the end of next year I will probably let my credential lapse.

I miss people from the job.  I don't miss the stress of the work.



  1. missing your guitar while you were away -- rather a neat definition of progress, that.

  2. I always miss my persussion toys when I'm away: ... the fact that they've gotten too cumbersome to schlepp about anymore is deeply depressing.