Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The October issue of Artforum arrived a few days ago, but I'm still working on the September issue (their 50th anniversity one) which is over 500 pages long.  Yikes.  It has some great stuff in it.  I'm currently reading Greil Marcus' piece on Marshall McLuhan.  And I recommend it.  Marcus always has something interesting to say.  I remember, back in the day, loving Lipstick Traces, his book on the Situationists.  I liked his book on Elvis, too.


Tammy  has not become a samizdat sensation.  It's only gone out to 5 people so far.  I don't see a tsunami of interest on the horizon.  It's still of interest to me.  But I'm back to working on Appearances, having completed one fragment already today.  And hoping to do one more if possible.

I'm really tired though.  Slept poorly last night.  My brain has been boiling with ideas.  And my loins have been melting down.  Too much information?

Anyway, I started to walk downtown.  Was thinking to have a plate of calamari and some wine but, halfway there, decided to walk  back to write this.


Screw this.  I'm going to go get some calamari.  Later.


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