Monday, October 1, 2012

Wittgenstein Jr. and etcetera

If you don't know the great blog
Wittgenstein Jr. then you should.

I'm really passionate about philosophy.  I'm a passionate philosophical amateur.  There are lots of gaps in my philosophical knowledge.

Lars Iyer, the force behind Wittgenstein Jr., writes philosophical fictions.  And they're fun reads.

I'm eagerly awaiting the third novel in his trilogy.  I've read the first two, Spurious and Dogma, which were published by Melville House.  They are both wonderful.  And funny in the way that my uncle Sam (Beckett) is funny.

There was a rumor once upon a time, by the way, that I was related to Samuel Beckett.  I had an important early publication--"Volumes"-- in the Chicago Review.  Samuel Beckett also had work in that same "Innovative Fiction" issue.  (Which I believe is now online.)  Why discourage a beautiful rumor.  I didn't tell anyone it was true.  But hey, I liked the idea that me and Sam shared DNA.  I once related this story to David Bromige.  He replied, in his distinctive and generous way, that he could see a similarity between the two of us.  I miss David.

I'm sorry too that David and I parted ways at one point.  It had nothing to do with that lovely man and everything to do with a depressive cycle and my despair at a certain point in my life.  Maybe I'll write about that someday.

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