Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still not feeling well.  So writing's been on hold.  Have practiced the guitar some.  It's guitar baby talk but  fun despite my dumb fingers and feverish brow.

Been reading a lot--page turners mostly. And listening to music--Jeff Beck, Norah Jones.  Right now it's easier to get caught up in music than thinking.

When one feels bad physically it's hard to focus on much other than what has to be done in the present moment--make the soup, wipe the nose, etc.

I haven't exercised for a few days.  I'm behind on household and writing stuff.  The gutters need to be cleaned out again.  I need to call the furnace people.  Ack.

Looked at the current state of Appearances this morning and just felt a sense of despair.  I closed the document hoping I'll feel better about it when I feel better.

Yesternight I made zucchini fritters with a marinara and salad.  It was delicious at the time but not what I would want to eat now if I wanted to eat something now.

"I am a locality of what's happening in poetry, as I am personally a locality in the universe.  Well, if I weren't here, we wouldn't worry about that locality's being missing.  I do understand there'd be a hole if I disappeared, a small one."  --Robert Duncan

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  1. Duncan was a funny guy... indefatiguably so. In person at least.